Hi, I'm oaktal! I also go by Sam. Welcome to my capsule! I'm an amateur game developer on the west coast of the United States. I like writing, worldbuilding, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and I'm a furry.

There's not too much on here at the moment, but there will be soon! In the meantime, feel free to check out my projects or the lists of stuff I enjoy.

Stuff I Made


WORM•HOLE is a little PICO-8 arcade game about trying to survive and destroy asteroids in the orbit of a deadly wormhole.


Dexter is an HTML index page generator written in Perl using Mojolicious. It also supports file uploads, directory creation, renaming, and deletion inside of its webapp interface. Dexter speaks CGI and PSGI.

My dotfiles repository.

I'm quite proud of my *nix dotfiles, which include a simple theming system based on GNU Stow and a language-agnostic modular status bar that I built using lemonbar, shell scripts, and Go.

My capsule at unix.dog.

I have some short stories about my (mostly) furry characters set in a world that I am currently building. They're hosted over on my capsule and website at unix.dog.

Stuff I Enjoy

As the modern web becomes less of a helpful resource and more of a commercial cesspool, it's important that we strengthen the mesh network of links that made the web great in the first place. In order to do my part, I'm dedicating this section of my capsule to linking things that I find interesting, thoughtful, useful, or for any other reason just plain enjoyable.

Gateway to the Buried Web

Stuff I Enjoyed Reading

Stuff I Enjoyed Watching

My Gemlog


Contact Me

Feel free to get in touch via email or on the Fediverse!