Gateway to the Buried Web

The buried web is the web that, for one reason or another, is no longer easily accessible via modern search engines. Maybe the creator has blocked Google's indexers at the firewall, or just hasn't bothered to keep above the SEO sludge. Silently, these websites have fallen off the face of the modern web to a realm of relative obscurity, where many continue to remain active and prosper.

I have found that the buried web is quite reliably a more helpful and interesting resource than the surface web. As such, I am dedicating this page to linking good websites that I feel are either properly buried, refreshingly helpful, or provide access to the buried web.

See "Ode to the Buried Web" for more context on my motivations:

Ode to the Buried Web

Websites - Search engine that indexes only lightweight sites. - The 9front folks' dumping ground for papers, articles, and opinions. - I had never heard of this before.

WikiWikiWeb - The eponymous Wiki?

Joey Hess - This one became ungoogleable by choice.

5-STRING BANJO TUNINGS - Almost every five-string banjo tuning out there.

TodePond - The buried web and the tadi web have some considerable overlap.

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